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“Transparency is lacking when it’s needed”: Lewis Hamilton supports Susie Wolff’s lawsuit against the FIA

<p>On Thursday, Lewis Hamilton denounced “a real lack of accountability” in racing and backed Susie Wolff, who filed a lawsuit against the FIA, the sport’s regulatory body.</p>
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<p>The head of Formula One’s academy program for female drivers, Wolff, said on Wednesday that she had filed a criminal complaint in French courts in response to a contentious investigation into her behavior from the previous year.</p>
<p>Wolff and her husband, Toto Wolff, the head of the Mercedes Formula One team, were under investigation for possible conflicts of interest.</p>
<p>The investigation began in December, when it was reported in a magazine article that other team leaders were worried that Toto Wolff was gaining access to material that his wife had shared.</p>
<p>But two days after declaring that its compliance section was looking into the case, the FIA called off its inquiry.</p>
<p>Mercedes and Formula One both expressed their dissatisfaction with the FIA’s handling of the situation and vehemently denied the allegations.</p>
<p>Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix, Mercedes driver and seven-time world champion Hamilton stated, “I’m incredibly proud of Susie; she is such a leader, so brave.”</p>
<p>“She is sending a powerful message by speaking out in a world where people are often silent, and I appreciate that she is bringing this issue outside of the Formula One world, where there is a serious lack of accountability among the FIA and the sport.”</p>
<p>“There is really no accountability, nothing is transparent, and things happen behind closed doors.”</p>
<p>At the time of the accusations, Susie Wolff called them “intimidating and misogynistic” in a social media post.</p>
<p>She said on social media on Wednesday that “there has still not been any transparency or accountability in relation to the conduct of the FIA and its personnel in this matter.”</p>
<p>“I believe that now more than ever, it is critical to speak up, expose inappropriate behavior, and ensure that those responsible are held accountable. Silence does not release one from accountability, despite what some people may believe.</p>
<p>Hamilton expressed his hope that her approach would result in reform.</p>
<p>“Men still dominate this sport. He said, “The message of the times is that you will lose your job if you register a complaint.</p>
<p>It is a bad story to present to the public, particularly in the context of inclusion discussions.</p>

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