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In India, Truecaller now provides a call recording feature, and users may also get the transcript: How It Operates

<p>With the release of its updated call recording feature for its premium subscribers in India, Truecaller is providing even more incentives for consumers to pay for its service. The caller ID app’s call recording feature now offers the added bonus of using artificial intelligence (AI) to receive call transcripts in both Hindi and English.</p>
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<p>The platform used to allow call recording, but since Google discontinued the service, users were no longer able to utilize it. Nevertheless, Truecaller brought back call recording in the US last year, and as of right now, its customers in India may begin recording conversations and even see the script in front of them. If you have paid for the service in the nation, you may use the function on both iOS and Android devices.</p>
<p><strong>The operation of TRUECALLER CALL RECORDING FOR USERS IN INDIA</strong><br />
Call recording is now simple with Truecaller, and using it doesn’t need activating any additional features. If you use the Truecaller dialer app, all you need to do is contact one person to see the Record button located to the left of the call icon. A floating record button will appear on the app for users of other dialer applications. After the conversation finishes, the recording is verified and you may see a transcript in a new tab on the dialer app.</p>
<p>If you use TC on an iPhone, the procedure takes a little longer due of Apple’s limitations on these kinds of programs. On an iPhone, you may record a call by going to the settings and turning on the recording option after the call has started.</p>
<p>While some may be against the feature, others may be in favor of it, provided it comes in a paid form. Like other platforms, Truecaller has been trying to grow its user base in the nation, and it hopes that these features would persuade more people to pay for its service.</p>

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