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An Ambitious Dubai Entrepreneur Amol Awasthi Defines Success

Amol Awasthi is an entrepreneur from Dubai who has been at the forefront of several successful companies for over 21 years. Amol has placed an immense impression on the business worlds of the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Africa throughout his career with his plans for strategy, growth and unique leadership. He has grown as a well-known figure in the entrepreneurial world specially for his ability to spot new trends and seize opportunities.

Amol Awasthi Dubai, who started his professional career in the USA, was a founder employee of MirrorPlus Technologies. He was an early investor in the company’s success and expansion since he held penny stock options. Then, in 2003, American Reprographics acquired MirrorPlus Technologies and made an important milestone that led to the company’s IPO (initial public offering) in 2005. Amol learned the ins and outs of the company’s growth along with the tactics to run a successful organization from this experience.

In the year 2002, Amol established the American company Catalyst Business Partners, LLC (CBP) and simultaneously started focusing on his dream of starting a business that could provide the growing requirement for information technology services in developing economies. he explored & researched a lot in market and then he wisely chose to relocate to Dubai in 2006 and set up a CBP subsidiary after seeing opportunities in Africa. Whereas, the increased demand for IT services in the area was the major factor that motivated CBP’s decision to make this change in operations.

Under Amol Awasthi’s management, CBP has grown into an esteemed Oracle Platinum partner and System Integrator. In addition to the United Arab Emirates, CBP has increased its reach into Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon, and Egypt throughout the last sixteen years. While deploying over 200 employees, the company has come out with a turnover of $25 million which is exactly an outcome of the company’s unique strategy and dedication to quality.

Amol always motivates CBP & its process to surpass all expectations in terms of innovation and business expertise. The company has made outstanding achievements in the industry and green tech and fintech are some of them which guarantees that CBP will continue to lead the innovation pack. Through Amol’s brilliant management, CBP is now an international leader that is responsible  environmentally and socially in the business operations.

Amol Awasthi Dubai is also involved in the investment of other firms in addition to his responsibilities as owner and chief operating officer of CBP. Being a co-founder of Terra Firma Commodities (TFC), he has exhibited his ability to diversify his entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, he holds the position as a board member and shareholder of Senslytics Corporation and The Trip Works Holdings Ltd and extends his impact across industries.

While looking at his life along with the challenge he faced, Amol followed his guiding principles during his entrepreneurial path i.e. Innovation, sustainability, and moral business practices. Amol Awasthi is committed to bring a positive impact in the world through his business endeavors. He not only inspires his team to think outside the box and work together but also creates an environment where innovation and teamwork flourish.

Amol Awasthi currently resides in Dubai, UAE and has become an expert to turn obstacles into opportunities. Through his entrepreneurial career, he has changed the world of business by his innovative spirit, relentless pursuit of expansion, and clear vision for the future.

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